Civilized Natives was founded in 1994 by Glenn Vignolo for one simple purpose. To make rock and roll rich in harmonies and songcraft. An award winning band, CN released their first CD, “Closing In,” in the spring of 2000. “Closing In” features tunes with intricate harmonies and dazzling musicianship — trademarks of a band whose musical roots run deep into the musical past.
More than two decades later, Civilized Natives has remained true to that vision.
CN’s live performances feature sets of music played in concert style arrangements culled from the last 50+ years of Rock ‘N’ Roll. Whether they’re channeling the Beatles or the Byrds, Evanescence or Eric Clapton, or Adele and Roy Orbison — their renditions stand side by side with the dynamic performances of Rock’s greatest legends.
If great talent and energetic entertainment are what you’re looking for, you need look no further than Civilized Natives.